My name is Luka Penger, I am a software and hardware developer from Slovenia. I enjoy my work and for me it is a way of life. It is creative, demanding and extremely rewarding and I am able to meet and get together with friendly and intelligent people, who are part of the community.

I was always interested in electronics (LED, microprocessors, audio, etc.). I have started with electronics in elementary school. In 2010 I created my own website blog called "Flash Electronics" with 3000+ wives per week, with many electronic and programming projects. Later I joined the company Initra d.o.o., which is a Slovenian company that deals with development and production of telecommunications and videos surveillance equipment. I developed a variety of projects, however most of the time i was developing internet and optical switches. I have programmed a lot of codes for ARM Cortex micro-controllers. Some codes are also open source. For more than a year I spent on the companies major project called iFlashLED.

Later I joined the company IzziVizzi d.o.o. and Avant Car d.o.o., where I develop mobile applications for iOS. One of the most important mobile apps I developed was for, who are one of the most popular websites for car rental comparison. It helps travelers to find, compare and book a rental car in more than 30,000 locations worldwide. One of my favorite apps I developed is ChargeJuice, which is a mobile application that helps you to find charging stations for electric vehicles near you or near any specified area. All applications are completely free to install and use!

In the same year I joined the organization Guerrilla Code as iOS and Android developer, where I developed A to B Ljubljana application for mobile devices with my friend Matej Bukovinski. A free-of-charge mobile application for sustainable transport "A to B: Ljubljana" has received the Brumen Biennial of Slovene Visual Communications Award 2013.

Nowadays developers are easy to find, but it is hard to find developers with ability to guarantee bug free applications within the budget and on time. That's where I come in.

Being a dedicated developer a little less than a decade so far and constantly updating my knowledge about the latest features in industry.

I am certified apple developer. My true strength and passion is mainly developing iPhone, iPad, and Mac applications using Cocoa and Objective-C. I am a strict practitioner of Cocoa and Objective-C coding conventions and style. Complete comprehension of memory management in Objective-C.

I contribute to open source projects on regular basis, custom made libraries for different platforms, check out on my GitHub profile:

Other Skills and Expertise:
• Programming and development software for ARM, Microchip PIC and AVR microcontrollers,
• I also gained comprehensive knowledge and understanding of protocols: i2c, i2s, UART, SSI, SPI, MDIO, TCP, UDP, Telnet, FTP, HTTP, SMTP, SNMP etc.,
• Fiber optics, optic switches, ethernet switches etc.,
• WEB interfaces development for ARM processors,
• Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RF, ZigBee etc.,
• Drawing and construction PCBs (Altium Designer 10),
• Software development for Windows platform using Visual Studio,
• Websites development, using HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, Ajax, CGI,
• Android and Windows Phone applications development,
• Embedded sistems (Raspberry Pi, Linux, Windows 10).

I currently work both independently on my own projects and contractually to engineer for high-profile Slovenian and International clients.

Find Luka:
Twitter: @lukapenger
Instagram: @lukapenger
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L. Penger:

I love you all !!! Smileee...
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